we all saw that hideous concept SUV Bentley has been advertising for awhile. But they've never really given any detail as to what it would actually be like. Hell they really never truthfully admitted it would exist, I don't think. But now they've been spied testing it in its zebra camo. The only info we have on it, is that it's going to be similar in size to a Range Rover, with the same length but longer wheelbase.

Now for some reason the Bentley SUV has been getting a lot of hate. Sure the concept looked terrible but how many concepts actually end up being the finished project? But they've also been getting some heat over the fact that they're making an SUV at all. But why? Who cares? It's Bentley, they specialize in insanely comfortable but completely useless vehicles. Will the SUV be any good as an actually SUV? Will it have good cargo space or be able to off-road well? Not really, probably not, and almost definitely no. Will it be hilariously expensive? Absolutely. But again, who cares? That's the whole point of a Bentley, they're for people with more money than sense. Will a base model Range Rover be a better option at less than a quarter of the price? Yes but whatever. So let them spend $400,000 on an SUV just because it has a "B" on it. I personally like the idea. It's stupid but fun. My favorite kind of car.